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Lovely Pet Trading Co., Ltd.

Kaoru Hashimoto

The declining birthrate, the era of nuclear families accompanying the aging society, and the modern age where individualism advances, people's feelings are changing from "thing" to "heart". Under such circumstances, pets are playing a greater role than ever before as "to enrich people's mind", "family member" and "good partner of people".

We are convinced that the pet industry benefits people as we respond to such changes in lifestyles and the associated market needs. Under these circumstances, as a specialty distributor of pet supplies, we strive to establish excellent merchandising function, strengthen our proposal capability and product supply capability to gain customers' trust.

Watching the trend of ‘the human-animal bond’, we adapt in the new era and will always be a half-step-ahead navigator to help your business. We appreciate your kind support and look forward to working with you.


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